Optimizing musical training by addressing the well-being and personal satisfaction of the musician.

Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting: Providing music teacher observation and feedback, curriculum development, music education program implementation, and teacher training/continuing education.

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Student Seminars

Student Seminars: Dr. Troum's student seminars address the motivational issues musicians face during training activities by providing an approach to self-directed practice that emphasizes individual needs, well-being, and personal satisfaction.

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Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops: Dr. Troum's Teacher Workshops cover curriculum design and planning, cultivating cross-curricular connections through music learning, literacy enhancement, music and movement, and the use of music environments to enhance learning and creativity in the classroom.

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Research Presentations

Research Presentations: Dr. Troum's research presentations address the individual needs and well-being of the musician during training activities, in addition to a focused approach towards purposeful practice.

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Flute Clinics

Flute Clinics: Flute clinics and sectionals are available and tailored to the band/orchestra director's needs and school budget. Flute Clinics are conducted at your school and are tailored for middle and high school students.

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Private Flute Lessons

Private Flute Lessons: Dr. Troum provides private flute instruction for beginners to professionals in her Maitland, Florida studio or via Skype/FaceTime.

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"Optimizing musical training by addressing the well-being and personal satisfaction of the musician."

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