Optimizing musical training by addressing the well-being and personal satisfaction of the musician.

Julie F Troup, Ph.D.

Director, Julie F. Troum, Ph.D., is an international presenter on the facilitation of musical training and a national speaker on interactive early childhood and elementary music enrichment programs

Dr. Troum's music education research addresses the motivational issues musicians face during training activities with respect to the individual needs, well-being, and personal satisfaction of the training musician.

Completing her Ph.D. in Music Education at the University of South Florida in 2010, Dr. Troum has presented her research studies at six international conferences and has been a guest speaker at three major flute conferences in Chicago, New York, and Orlando on cultivating a positive environment between the instructor and the training musician.

Florida Flute Orchestra

Dr. Troum taught undergraduate elementary music methods as an adjunct faculty member for the College of Education at both the University of Central Florida in Orlando from 2004-2008 and at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida in 2008.

Dr. Troum currently performs with the Florida Flute Orchestra and has toured statewide with the Irish Tenors as the principal flutist.

She has maintained a private flute studio in Central Florida since 1986.

Motivated Musician Separator


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Thanks Julie,
Lovely version. Yes please feel free to add it to your website.
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Steve Hackett
(former lead guitarist with band, Genesis)

Motivated Musician Separator

Motivated Musician Separator

"Optimizing musical training by addressing the well-being and personal satisfaction of the musician."

Motivated Musician

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